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Why the West?

Thinking of the "West" evokes remarkable natural beauty, divergent cultures, and glorious cities. Include 40 remarkably diverse boarding schools where the possibilities are limitless--schools whose record of excellence match any in the country--and you have the opportunity for an unparalleled educational experience.

Imagine traversing the Wasatch Mountains, the Sierra Nevada or Cascades with your classmates, riding the waves off Monterey or skiing in British Columbia.

Imagine the opportunity to connect with Stanford, CalTech, Univ. of British Columbia, Rice Univ., UCLA, Berkeley or one of the many other extraordinary western universities. And they're in your back yard!

Imagine attending school on the Pacific rim with its remarkable ethnic and cultural mix and easy access to Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. All this is in proximity to world class cities where innovation and technology mix seamlessly with the world’s cultures.

Imagine a boarding schools with the best of education and informal supportive communities. Many schools can prepare you for traditional success, for what you "should" do with your future. Western boarding schools cultivate your unique vision for what you could do with your life, for a future that reflects your individual talents, interests, and role in the global community.

The members of the Western Boarding Schools Association combine the most remarkably diverse range of educational opportunities of any association of schools in North America. None are alike except in one aspect....the student's educational experience. It's rich. It's challenging. It's western.

Golf in Sedona