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Vancouver Island Boarding Schools

The benefits of coming to a Canadian boarding school are well documented. Affordability, superior college placement, safety and renowned quality of education top the list.
Vancouver Island has been a very popular destination for many boarding students from the USA and beyond. Remarkably, more than a third of all boarding students in Canada attend the following 5 boarding schools on Vancouver Island. The beautiful environment of Vancouver Island, easy accessibility and reputation have made them a top destination for students. For American students living in the western United States, it allows close proximity to home and, in most cases, no time zone change. We invite you to explore these exciting options as you look at boarding in the western part of North America. These five boarding schools on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia offer something for everyone. Whether you are looking for urban or rural settings, single-sex or co-educational, small or large, one of these schools will fit your needs.

We look forward to seeing you in beautiful British Columbia!