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Colorado Boarding Schools

The majestic mountains soar above the clouds, the desert stretches for miles, the light powdery snow falls in feet, the sand dunes ebb and flow like waves, and the aspen trees splatter against the hillsides. From city to country, ranches to mountain villages, Colorado offers a unique setting for a high school experience.
There are countless opportunities to learn from the nature that surrounds us. We embark on experiential education right outside our doorsteps. We hear the elk bugling in the fall, examine the rising rivers in the spring, and research the global impact on our snow levels.

In the 300 days of sunshine per year, recreating in the outdoors is embedded in our ethos and our schools. Whether it is camping, hiking a 14er, mountain biking, or fly-fishing in a river, we use these times as a means of breathing the fresh air, connecting with our classmates, and discovering ourselves. In the diverse environments Colorado offers, students are reminded of what is important as they disconnect and reflect.